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For young wildlife lovers

Join us for an unforgettable animal encounter with our beloved Bronze Keeper Experience. Enjoy the heartwarming world of animal care as you spend a fun-filled hour getting up close and personal with our captivating creatures.

Engage in feeding routines, prepare enrichment toys, and discover the daily lives of our magnificent animals. 

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Anial Experience

Suitable for ages five and above

Suitable for ages five and above, this enchanting animal experience allows you to create lasting memories while receiving a complimentary ticket to New Forest Wildlife Park. Children aged 5-9 will also receive a charming New Forest Wildlife Park cap, while children and adults aged 9 and above will be gifted a stylish t-shirt. 

As an extra special touch, you can even adopt an animal of your choice at 50% of the annual adoption fee, forever cherishing your connection to our remarkable wildlife.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Maximum of 2 participants per experience.

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Each unique experience is one-to-one with an experienced, friendly Wildlife Keeper.

We also offer dual package so you can share the experience with someone else.

Annual Pass holders are entitled to 10% off their Keeper experience - please call to receive this discount.

Wildlife Keeper Experiences are available all year round.

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Keeper Experiences T&Cs

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