Sika Deer

Latin Name Cervus nippon
Class Mammalia
Order Cetartiodactyla
Family Cervidae
IUCN status Least concern
Habitat Woodlands, forests, heaths, meadows, parkland etc
Distribution Native to East Asia but introduced to many countries including UK

General Information

It’s name comes from “shika” the Japanese word for deer.

A spotted deer which are more prominent in the summer coat. It’s pelage can range from nearly white to black.
Sika stag have stout upright antlers and the females have 2 distinctive black bumps on the forehead.
Our native red deer can mate with sika deer which is a serious conservation concern.

Fun Fact

In the 1900’s, King Edward VII gifted the Baron Montagu of Beaulieu a pair of Sika deer. It is some of their progeny that escaped and now populate the New Forest.

Keeper Notes

In the Deer Encounter, we have one Sika deer hind; Saffy joined us after being involved in a road traffic accident, in 2014, needing a permanent home.