Red Deer

Latin Name Cervus elaphus scoticus
Class Mammalia
Order Cetartiodactyla
Family Cervidae
IUCN status Least concern
Habitat Lowland and highland grasslands, moorland, forests, tundra
Distribution Asia, Europe, Russia also introduced to many countries

General Information

The Red Deer is the UK’s largest land mammal and is native to our shores.
The autumn rut is an impressive wildlife spectacle when the males size each other up by roaring and strutting, at first, without violence but this can soon escalate to fighting with interlocked antlers sometimes with fatal results.

A stag can weigh up to 240kgs and a hind up to 170kgs.

Only the stag has antlers which start to grow in spring but shed at the end of winter the following year. The antlers are composed of bone which grows at about 2.5cm per day.

Fun Fact

A Red Stag’s antlers are called branch antlers as they resemble the branches of a tree.

Keeper Notes

Our Red Deer Herd is headed up by a magnificent Stag called Victor, who joined us in 2014. The hinds are of different origins some are as rescues others are from UK deer parks. This helps maintain a healthy bloodline. Unfortunately, our native wild red deer can cross-breed with Japanese Sika, various conservation groups are trying to control this serious issue in the UK.