Latin Name Ovis aries musimon
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
IUCN Status Unknown
Habitat Open mountain areas and hilly terrains
Distribution Europe

General Information

This herbivore grazes on grasses, leaves, bark, moss, mushrooms and lichens. They can live in the wild up to 13 years old.

Their main predators are wolves, sometimes lynx and eagles can take lambs.

The collective noun is a herd or a drove, drift, flock or fold!

Fun Fact

Ewes generally do not have horns but if they do they are very small. The rams have very large, curly horns which mature with the age and dominance of the male!

Keeper Notes

These stunning species of sheep joined the collection here in 2015 and they have grown from a small herd of 5 into 17. The mating season is in the autumn and after a 5 month gestation each ewe will have a single lamb around early April time. Each year we have had less than 3 lambs born.


We are delighted to be the only collection the UK to have Mouflon as an important species for education and our conservation programme; with a record 5 lambs born in April 2021!