Ural Owl

Latin Name Strix uralensis
Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Strigidae
IUCN status Least concern
Habitat Mature open forests
Distribution Northern Europe, Scandinavia across Russia to Korea and Japan

General Information

Medium to large owl with a round head and no ear tufts. Hunts during the night and twilight hours for small mammals up to the size of a hare also takes birds, frogs and insects.

Due to their excellent hearing they can hear prey under 20 to 30 cms of snow.

A monogamous owl using tree hollows for nests and laying 2 to 5 eggs.

The young fledge at 45 days with both parents caring for them for a further 3 to 4 weeks.

Fun Fact

The Ural Owl’s territorial call can be heard for 2km – quite a distance for a small-medium sized owl and they can live up to 24 years of age.

Keeper Notes

Dawn, our female Ural Owl and Twilight, the male from Paignton Zoo, were partnered up in 2012. They successfully hatched their first egg in 2013 - a female owlet called Eclipse, who moved onto another collection to become a breeding female of a pair.

Sadly since 2013 they have been unsuccessful at breeding!