Common Toad

Latin Name Bufo bufo
Class Amphibia
Order Anura
Family Bufonidae
IUCN Status Least Concern
Habitat Woodlands, Scrub, Wetlands and gardens
Distribution Across UK and Europe

General Information

The toad is known for their famous croaking vocals, their thick, warty skin and nocturnal activity. Young toads prefer smaller insects such as aphids and as adults they consume a variety of invertebrates like earthworms, snails and crickets.

Their wild life span is up to 4 years!

Fun Fact

They prefer to crawl rather than hop and hibernate over winter under log piles!

Keeper Notes

The Common Toads are found to your left as you enter the Main Building - we a breeding programme with a small group of adults producing spawn each spring. The young are then wild released into our wildlife pools on site.