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Celebrating Love Your Zoo Week 2023!

29th May 2023

Zoos represent so much more than just a great day out. That’s why we are celebrating Love Your Zoo week, an annual event to raise awareness for all the fantastic work done by Zoos across Britain and Ireland, from 29 May to 3 June. 
As a member of BIAZA (the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums), the New Forest Wildlife Park is part of a community of Zoos who are committed to exemplary animal care, conservation, and education. 
From spending over £28 million on conservation, to providing well over 922,000 educational visits, the benefits of BIAZA Zoos are huge and far-reaching. Thanks to Zoos and Aquariums, habitats like seagrass and wildflower meadows are being restored. Critically Endangered animals are being saved from the brink of extinction, with so much more vital conservation work being undertaken by Zoos both across the British Isles and around the globe. 
This year’s theme for Love Your Zoo is around the bespoke nature of the work good Zoos do which cannot be achieved elsewhere, AKA ‘Zoonique.’ With the support of visitors, we are able to continue this work for the benefit of all nature, both at home and worldwide. 
You can join the celebrations by visiting and supporting us and using the hashtag #LoveYourZoo on your social media posts to spread the positivity far and wide! #LoveYourZoo2023
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