Celebrating International Lynx Day: Meet Tora and Inga, the Majestic Sisters of New Forest Wildlife Park

31st May 2024

With International Lynx Day just around the corner on June 11th, we're shining a spotlight on two of our most elusive and captivating residents: Tora and Inga, our stunning Eurasian lynx sisters. These magnificent creatures, born in Highland Wildlife Park and gracing our park since 2019, embody the wild spirit and enigmatic charm of their species.

Did you know that the Eurasian lynx is the largest of all lynx species, and the third largest predator in Europe after the Brown bear and Wolf? These majestic creatures were once native to the UK, but sadly disappeared over 1,300 years ago due to habitat loss, fragmentation and poaching for their fur.

Meet Tora and Inga, our resident lynx sisters
Tora, the more confident of the two, loves to show off her hunting skills, while Inga, the shyer sister, prefers to observe from a distance. The best time to spot these beautiful elusive cats is during their feeding time keeper talk.

Fascinating Lynx Facts:
Expert Hunters: Lynx are masters of stealth, using their keen eyesight and hearing to stalk and ambush prey like game birds, rodents, and even small deer. Their large paws act as snowshoes, allowing them to move effortlessly through wintery terrain.
Activity: While these solitary hunters typically prowl at dawn and dusk, they're adaptable enough to hunt during daylight hours when food becomes scarce.
Seasonal Fur: Their fur changes colour with the seasons, from thick and pale in winter to a darker ginger in summer, ensuring they remain perfectly camouflaged year-round.
Multi-Purpose Tongues: Their rough tongues are equipped with tiny hooks, acting as a handy tool for drinking, grooming, and even scraping meat from bones.
Family Ties: Lynx kittens are born in spring and rely on their mothers for up to 10 months before venturing out to establish their own territories.

Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate these magnificent creatures. Visit New Forest Wildlife Park this #InternationalLynxDay for an unforgettable experience!

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