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    Birthdays at the New Forest Wildlife Park: The Ultimate Kids' Party Venue in Hampshire

    28th Jun 2024

    At the New Forest Wildlife Park, we don't just host parties, we create unforgettable wildlife experiences. Our wildlife birthday party packages are designed to ignite imaginations and spark a lifelong love for animals. It's a birthday bonanza filled with amazing animals, all set against the backdrop of the natural woodland.

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  2. May 2024

    Giant Otter Cubs Celebrate Half Birthday at New Forest Wildlife Park

    26th Jun 2024

    Six month giant otter cub-date - Both Guapo and Acari are doing extremely well! Find out the cheeky personalities of the otter cub duo!

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    Unleash Your Wild Side: The Ultimate Animal-Inspired Away Day in the New Forest

    25th Jun 2024

    New Forest Wildlife Park offers a corporate away day that combines team building with a genuine impact on animal conservation. An experience that’s both fun and educational!

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    Keeper Shanna and her Coppatrek for Breast cancer awareness

    10th Jun 2024

    This June, Keeper Shanna Dymond is sharing her positive story to inspire everyone into regularly 'copping a feel’ of themselveswhilst setting out on an extraordinary, life-changing trek, all in the name of raising awareness of breast cancer at a young age!

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    Father's Day Ideas in Hampshire: Wild Encounters at the New Forest Wildlife Park

    7th Jun 2024

    Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a unique way to celebrate your dad in Hampshire, look no further than the New Forest Wildlife Park!

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