Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal

Adopt your own special animal for a year or six months and be part of our conservation programme.

For a small outlay, based on the cost of feeding and welfare, individuals or families can adopt an animal of their choice.

You’ll be helping us to care for your special animal and for the other species around the park, making a valuable contribution to wildlife conservation.

What do you receive when you adopt an animal?

You'll receive an A4 Certificate with a photograph of your chosen animal - ready for framing.

Your name is put on the 'Thank You' board at the enclosure.

We'll also send you an adoption pack which includes a fact sheet on your species, two annual newsletters and a car sticker.
We also offer a special adoption pack for children.

Can I give my adoption as a gift?

Adoptions make the ideal gift for family and friends and can be for six months or a year. We can either send the pack to you or your recipient with a gift card.

How much will it cost and how do I apply for an adoption?

Adoptions start from just £15.00. Please ring Moira on 0845 601 6679. Or email

We take all major credit cards or you can apply the next time you visit the Park.

Animals for adoption at New Forest Wildlife Park


1 year

6 months

Otter £50 £25
European Grey Wolf £100 £50
Fox, Scottish Wild Cat £50 £25
Polecat, Pine Marten and Ferrets £50 £25
Owls (All species) £50 £25
Lynx, Giant Otters and Bison £100 £50
Deer (All species) £60 £30
Wild Boar and Wallaby £60 £30
Hedgehog, Harvest Mouse and other species £30 £15