Our Team

Education Team

Between us, our team has a wide collection of qualifications and experience with both children and animals. Tours run like a well oiled machine and if you book a day out with us, you can be sure your every need will be catered for. With regular feedback such as, 'this is the easiest trip we have ever been on' and 'I have never learnt so much in such a fun way', we are sure to make your day a success. So who are we?

Laura Fisher  - Education Officer

With a First Class degree and a Masters in Zoo Biology, Laura has extensive current knowledge of all things animal. She is able to lead groups of all ages and has had excellent feedback schools and parents alike. Her relaxed and organised manner enables the whole team to thrive.

Vicky Ross 

Vicky has extensive knowledge of all animals at the park and is also responsible for running our hugely successful animal encounters during weekends and school holiday periods. Any tour with Vicky is going to leave you with a new love for all things wild.

Laila Lock 

Laila is great with children both young and old. Her calm and collected attitude means that whatever the needs of the children, they can all enjoy a relaxed, educational and most importantly, fun, trip out.

Richard Merritt 

Having taught secondary science with a specialism in biology for many years, Richard is a wealth of knowledge. He maintains interest and enthusiasm with everyone he meets and his calm and trouble free attitude makes all children feel comfortable. A tour with Richard is always a success.

Rachel Lewis 

Tours with Rachel are never boring. Her upbeat attitude helps her to draw in a captive audience and no one can leave without having learnt at least one new fact. Rachel has energy to spare but will always have a controlled group behind her.

Sandra Barnett

Enthusiasm is key with Sandra. She inspires many young people to care for and learn about all creatures great and small. Her positive and forward thinking attitude is a credit to her character and this is demonstrated in every tour she conducts.

Judith Turner 

Judith is a bundle of energy. She creates a fun and interesting atmosphere for all visitors she meets. With many years of experience in the classroom, providing a suitable and successful atmosphere for learning is one of Judiths many skills.

Esther Lewis

Coming from a photography background, Esther is not your typical guide, however, her thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn has enabled her to challenge many people on what they know about native species. She keeps controlled and organised groups and leaves children bursting with facts.

Dominik Reynolds

He may be young but Dom has a true passion for nature and wildlife. His age puts him at an advantage in the team as children find it easy to relate to him. For that reason, Dom has had huge success at inspiring the next generation of conservationists.