Scottish Wildcat

Latin Name Felis silvestris grampia
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Felidae
IUCN status Endangered in Scotland
Habitat Forests, meadows, heath moors, highlands.
Distribution Scottish Highlands

General Information

The Scottish Wildcat is a sub-species of the Wildcat found throughout Europe.
Although the Wildcat, in general, is not threatened the Scottish Wildcat is in danger of extinction and maybe down to to last 40 individuals.

It is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

For its weight and size this cat is one of the world’s most efficient predators.
Fearless, brave, intelligent, resourceful and patient make a remarkable animal who has survived human persecution for 500 years.

Solitary, nocturnal and most active at dawn and dusk hunting for small to medium size mammals.

Fun Fact

No-one has ever been able to tame a Scottish Wildcat not even when hand reared from a kitten. They are a truly WILD cat.

This species is nicknamed “The British Tiger” and has a distinctive method of eating rabbit by turning the skin inside out as they eat the meat, leaving the skin still attached to the leg bones and feet.

Keeper Notes

Our Scottish Wildcats are currently a brand new breeding pair, Glen (tom) and Moraig (queen) are together in the Wildcat enclosure in the Deer Encounter. We are hoping our new pair welcome kittens in 2021, as part of an important conservation programme here in the UK.