Burrowing Owl

Latin Name Athene cunicularia
Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Stigidae
IUCN status Least Concern
Habitat Agricultural lands, deserts and grasslands
Distribution North America, Canada and South America

General Information

Burrowing Owls are in the same family as our native Little Owls. They look very similar, however the Burrowing Owls have longer legs. 

Their brilliant yellow eyes are framed by white eyebrows and their plumage is dappled grey and white. These are expert insect hunetrs making up to 90% of their diet plus small mammals, small birds and amphibians.

They are ground dwelling owls often frequenting unused burrows of other animals to make their nests in.

Fun Fact

When owlets are underground in the nest, they can protect themselves by imitating the rattle of a rattlesnake to keep predators away!

Keeper Notes

Our two Burrowing Owls are a brother and sister duo, hatched at the International Bird of Prey Centre in 2010. They joined our sister centre in Derbyshire and when it closed in 2017 the pair came to live at NFWP. They are such characters and are loving their newly refurbished aviary - now located at the exit of the Main Building!